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My Dubbing Experiences

From 2015 to 2020, I voiced the character of Masha and the Bear - Masha in the animated television series with 4 seasons and 91 episodes, including all her songs, all theater, commercials, and events.ı  started voice-over work with television and radio commercials in 2009. I voiced the character Agnes in Despicable Me (2010). I did a supporting voiceover in Toys Story 3 (2010). Gwen in Gift Operation(2011), Bo in Happy Feet(2012), Agnes in Despicable Me 2(2013), Bonnie in Toy Story Horror Hotel(2013), Bonnie in Time Forgotten Toy Story(2014), Little Anna in Frozen(2013), Young Libby in Memories of a Good Dinosaur (2015), Winnie in Hotel Transylvania 2(2015), Masha and the Bear in Movie(2015), Masha in Fantastic Beasts Modesty in Where to Find Them(2016), Young Judy, Masha and the Bear in Zootopia-2016 Masha (2017), Winnie in Hotel Transylvania 2(2018), Sam Sam in Angry Birds 2(2019) Sam voiced the characters. I did the voiceover in many commercials such as Toyota, Mobil, Turkcell, Teb. I am still continuing voice-over works and working as a voice actor in many TV series shot for Apple TV.

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